Hi, I’m Britt! I’m married to Kris (aka: Boz), and together we are two believers who have been taking on life, college, and ministry for seven years going on eternity. We’ve got a baby in heaven, a baby in her room sleeping, and a Golden Retriever named Beasley (after Pam on The Office).

My blog is a place for me to express my creativity through written word. I have been a lover of words almost as long as I have been a lover of Jesus. When all the other kids were  sleeping in or watching cartoons, I was sipping coffee milk (mostly milk with a tiny bit of coffee) with my grandmother while she did her morning devotions and I pretended to write in various little notebooks.

I am a free thinker who has a habit of taking the road less traveled (and yes, I have memorized that poem). I have worked on the mission field at my local crisis pregnancy center for a few years. At first, I spent my days setting divine appointments between girls who need help sorting out their newfound realities and Christian women who graciously give their spare time to serve, and now I plan fundraising events and run social media.

I have always been a girl in pursuit of truth. What concerns me most is what is right and honorable, and figuring that out in a broken home and an even more broken world is challenging. What I have discovered is that Jesus is the only answer, the only reason, and the only way. I live my life for Him and through Him I have discovered true worth and clear vision.

Originally from Memphis, I now reside in Jackson, Tennessee with my lovely husband, our daughter and pup, more friends than a girl could ask for, and a great community of broken and beautiful people.

I blog as a creative outlet to share my passions for Jesus, ministry, musings, and minimalism.